Hrrvy - My first Gmod movie

This is my first try at making a video in Gmod. I went with Stop Motion because i have no clue how i am supposed to record in-game. Anyways, here’s the video:

Tell me what you think of it.

Could use a little more pictures, but other then that I lol’d when the sniper went, “WICKED”

Jesus fucking christ


But seriously, that was a good video. The stop motion wasn’t half-assed and it’s definitely unique.

that… was disturbing… really.

This video is well made… but… its so disturbing…

Heh, this video is supposed to be weird. I just wanted to make something very unusual and it looks like I succeeded.
Also it wasn’t too hard to animate this, since characters are getting killed offscreen and that means I only needed to make blood splatter and occasional flying gibs.

Also deflating Heavy’s torso is pretty difficult because it’s composed of three parts (Upper, middle, and lower) and most of the time I couldn’t deflate the middle part and it kept deflating upper part of the torso instead.

Have you tried the enhanced Phys. pack? (it helps with posing, and probably deflating).

nice and gory. :slight_smile: