- -HSG PvP Oxide|.1crft|Economy|10xSlowerDecay

Hello all. Just another post advertising another server. HSG Stands for Head Shot Gamming. We are a mature gamming community, composed of male and female players most over the age of 20 and from all around the world.

Our server has one main admin and a few who are moderators. Our admins are active and we try to have coverage 24/7, however this is not always possible.

Our server is based out of the US east coast New York, and we do have a TS3 server for players to use as well if they choose.

Our main rule here is we will not tolerate or commit admin abuse. We all started playing on other servers and what we found appeared to be a lot of hackers and admin abusers. So we got together and rented our first server. There were some issues there so we found our second server, and again we had issues there so we found our 3rd and final server, provided through HFB.

We have this primary server which is currently only a 50 player server but can be increased at any time. The most we have seen at one time so far is 28 players.
It is full PVP with sleepers 1/10 craft time basic economy 10 times slower decay rate (Testing). We are currently running the Oxide mod to enhance our players experience. The durability is currently turned off since items seem to be wearing way too fast. Airdrops are working and are set to 1 a day and only 1 players is needed to start the airdrop timer.
We currently have a very large loot fortress built with lots of loot for players to find the building and breach it and reap there rewards for there hard work.
We have both the Valve Anti Cheat and the Cheat Punch working to keep out hackers.

So please come join us for some good clean fun!

u make a post about a server and dont include the ip >.<