HTML and CSS with Garry's Mod

I’ve been thinking about learning some things like HTML and CSS, and maybe even PHP, so I bought a bundle from StackSocial while it was was on a major sale. Now I have at least three courses altogether on Udemy for CSS and HTML, and a few more for other things (including iPhone app development, but it’s worthless since I don’t have a Mac, but that’s besides the point). Said courses include learning HTML/CSS, learning HTML5/CSS3, and learning web development, which is CSS, HTML, and XHTML (what’s the difference between HTML and XHTML?).

Even though I’m interested in these languages, I’m not a person that’s willing to do something as time consuming as learning two web design languages without a benefit to it that I myself can make use of and will enjoy. That being said, how useful are people with CSS/HTML knowledge in the Garry’s Mod scene? Specifically, how useful would these skills be when owning a server? Further, is this something I can make a good amount of money off of doing commissions?

I know that, mainly, people want Lua coders, but Lua feels kind of like it’s above my head. Is CSS and/or HTML an easy language to learn compared to something like Lua? Finally, is it useless to learn HTML and CSS if I don’t know PHP?

Please remember not to stray away from the point that I want to know if these would be useful skills to have in the Garry’s Mod community.

You should learn HTML and CSS then learn PHP. You’ll use PHP for a lot more when you become fluent with it but you’ll also want to learn JavaScript as well. They are all a lot easier than Lua (maybe not JavaScript) and most likely won’t help you learn Lua much at all.

Tl;Dr They are good for loading screens and would be cool to have like a stats page or something faking with a website you make for your community. If you are skilled enough you could possible make your own forum.