HTML codes for Garrys Mod

I’m going to make a loading page for my friends server, but I want to add the stuff seen in a lot of servers, the random messages, the downloads left, that stuff.

Edit: Looking at the coding of the garrysmod loading, but I need some help separating what is important and what is not.
For your convince if your on Google chrome, paste this into the address bar “view-source:

Edit: Making it simple, I just need the html code seen on servers loading screens, like the number of downloads you have left.


not sure what the point of this topic is, did you come here instead of your blog or something?

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are you asking for help with something?

I think he needs help with his HTML loading screen, but I can’t really read it out of his post.

Yeah, but I don’t think it fits entirely in the support.

I don’t quite understand what you’re getting at OP. Are you trying to tell us things or trying to ask us things? If asking, state clearly what you need to know.

-snip- There.