html /fastDL

I know I have posted about this before. But I was wondering if I could get someone to TV with me or I could pay them to host the html(for loading screen) and fastdl for me. ( I need a .html too ) or .php
I need someone to make webhost the loading screen for me
took fastdl out of post
Or if your nice for free :stuck_out_tongue:

I just can’t set it up for some reason when i try to use 000webhost and go to “add another file manager” it says my internet wont allow me on it or some bull

Im uploading my FastDL to a really old site i made a year ago on 000webhost. (I had forgotten about it and just rediscovered it under my FTP client)

But yeah i could host it for you just give me the html code on Zero-bin or send me the .html file via some file share.

On Zero-Bin set the expire to 5 minutes

Web hosting is really cheap. Why you would pay someone else for it I don’t know. Take a look here

could I add you on steam/skype ?

Yeah: [HIDDEN]

I haven’t actually looked into it. And I’m quite scared to even try to do it on my own setting this stuff up. I’ve looked tutorials up and I can’t find one to help me.
I don’t know how the webhosting on those even go.

and with that site isnt 000webhost like the same thing except you pay for it.

Additionally, you can use Dropbox as a host if you have enough space lying around like I do. Just remember to form directories under Public.

Dont use dropbox. You’ll detour their bandwidth and get your account suspended