html loading screen?

Hi i read that in the new update you can change the loading screen on your sevrer. how? lol

sv_loadingurl “”

so can i just like make the image put on photobucket then put that in sevrer.cfg?


i jsut tried it i made a photo in photoshop then uploaded to photobucket then in server cfg i put sv_loadingurl “” in but it didnt work, i used the photobucket dirct link if that matters, waht am i doing wroing? thanks

sv_loadingurl is for webpages.

Pretty much what I’m saying is, you need an .html extension.

.jpg is the extension of the ‘webpage’ of that. So it won’t work.

Oh ok so if i made a subdomain on my website and displayed the pic or java app there then use that link it should work?

<img src = "">

now make that a .html file, upload it, put url in sv_loadingurl “”

Pretty much, yes.

ok i made the .html it works now what?

sv_loadingurl the address?