HTML Panel Rendering Problem

This has probably been asked before but I couldn’t find anything related to it on Google or the Facepunch search.

I have a HTML panel which I set the URL to
When it loads, the text looks like this:

Does anyone know how I can fix this? It doesn’t seem to happen on any other web pages.

Your image host sucks ( image doesn’t display, says access denied ), rehost @ please.

It looks like prntscrn moved to its own image hosting.
Here’s the imgur:

Remember that in-game HTML panels use whatever Steam uses to display webpages (iirc it is still webkit). This means if you are testing it on Chrome or Firefox it wont always look exactly the same. This could be your issue with the fonts.

Apparently not.

It appears that GMod HTML uses an older version of IE? I have Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge seems to work fine with it.

GMod HTML panels use Awesomium, which is based on a very old version of Webkit/Chromium.

It miraculously fixed itself.
God this game is unpredictable…