Can someone make the php for me. I’m using a custom loading screen with music etc I bought from coderhire. I can’t do it. Just wondering if someone can do it for me. I posted about it earlier but I don’t think I was understood About What I needed help with is the one I bought. is what i tried to use but when i push add file or whatever it won’t open for me it says Oops! something something and i can’t connect to it

If anyone can help Add me on steam = Angel From Above

No one will “make the HTML” for you if you don’t post a description of what you want.

It’s for my loading screen. I got it from codehire and I can’t make it to a web thing. It’s not just an image … its this

Needs to be a php… my bad…

He wants you to host his loading screen for him.

Put the files on a dropbox account and then use the public link as your sv_loadingurl.

Bad idea, dropbox has bandwidth limits. For whole acc btw.

Well if all your needing is hosting, use 000webhost

Or better yet, just get your own site, especially if you have a server.

That script has an included ReadMe on how to set it up…

He said he tried 000webhost and it “didn’t work for him” Register an account and use the x10hosting basic style (which should be default) and you’ll be right.

i have that loading screen too i recommend… 000webhost… i had the same problem btw but send a ticket to them and it should be fixed. worked for me :slight_smile:

I had the owner set it up for me on the one he recommended. But now it pops up ads on the screen. I really can’t figure this bull crap out. When I try to use 000webhost it doesn’t load anything i click that is on the control panel.

I send the ticket to them? .-.