So I recently reinstalled GMOD on my machine, and a very strange error has presented itself.
I host a server and have never had problems with fast DL or workshop dl but for some reason ONLY I have this error on the server.

Items such as the addons and materials for VGUI (including FADMIN materials) show up as errors and checkers.

In console I get “HTTP ERROR 8 downloading
for ALL the materials/textures/models in question, EVEN if I have subscribed to them on the workshop ect.

I have confirmed that nobody else has this issue and downloads everything just fine.

Any insight would be appreciated?

Staring out that area isn’t gonna help

  1. Console shows what your downloading and from where
  2. We kinda need the URL to see how your files are being listed

Or possibly because it’s only your perhaps your firewall or your gmod settings are blocking the download.

Edit - unstarred url

Also could it be that my router has an internal firewall not just my antivirus, or windows default one?

This is exactly why you are getting the error.

Yes that’s my point, but nobody else gets this error even if first time joining/downloading?

EDIT: Players download all of the addons and materials just fine. I am the only one having this problem.

For example one of the models I am trying to download is a hat for my point shop (that is on the workshop as content) even though I have subscribed to it on the workshop it will be an error since the game thinks I am trying to download from a source that does not exist(?)

There’s only one explanation, that workshop addon that contains the models/materials is not forced to be downloaded by players with resource.AddWorkshop.

Or, if you are relying on FastDL to download it, the files are not on FastDL, like materials/fadmin/icons/disable.vtf in your case.

Alright thank you for your help!

Btw I’m a big fan of your add-ons keep it up :slight_smile: