HTTP ERROR downloading

When i try to join a specific server
The server download files to my client
But not all file are being downloaded
So I check the crash log and saw
A bunch of errors : HTTP ERROR downloading something something.
It’s only happening to me…
Can anyone help me?

here is the crash log

Can you actually post the full error? Instead of just putting “HTTP ERROR downloading something something.”

the fastdl server either doesn’t have the files or is configured incorrectly.

But I’m the only one that having that problem
And it’s not my server.

Maybe your firewall or something similar is blocking the file? Making a guess since you still haven’t really supplied us with the actual full error.

I assure you that it is their server.

full error

“66(84.992654): HTTP ERROR downloading” Thats a problem on the servers side. If you go to the url, it says the file cannot be found.