So if i find a HTTP.FETCH in my serversided lua files does it have to be a BACKDOOR or DRM ?
or could it also mean it needs the file where its referring to to function the addon correctly?

Just Wondered Yes im a newbie
Thanks for taking your time and helping me out.

It’s executed code from outside, you’ll trust or untrust on author if it’s backdoor or drm

Owh okay but it could also be like a side thing to make the addon function properly right?
“Or a DRM/backdoor”

What i want to say with this do i need that outside script or shall i delete the FETCH Line?

As i said, it’s impossible to tell that, it’s just code executed from outside, if you believe it’s shady, then it’s a backdoor, but if it’s from a trustable dev, whatever, you have to see the link and check it by yourself

But if you say http.fetch, we can’t just tell you NOTHING about that

Basically Http Fetch can get content from an external source. (Website) This is mostly used for people to either track where the script is going / execute code that they do not want to share. Like Gonzalolog said this code can either be CORE, malicious, or useful to the developer and you may want to keep it in there just for the sake of the developer.

If I was you and you’re really skeptical about this just remove it and see if the addon works the same without it.

Show us the code please

Thanks for the reply guys! is there also onather command except from http.fetch to execute a command from outside?/external


Both http.Fetch and http.Post rely on