- Hλlf-life 2

Welcome to City 17,
Your grave.

What is this?
Freeman-Roleplay is a newly formed community ran by 3 experienced leaders.
The theme of our server, is to provide a clean, realistic and storyline correct Half-Life 2 roleplay
for people to develop their characters in.

And of course you already know what this thread is, it’s an advertisement for you to come try out server!

The Staff
Freeman-Roleplay is ran by 3, experienced people, the head leader, being LauScript, who is also the head developer for the gamemode we are making.
The 2nd in charge person is Hazard, being head of the administrative branch of the server, and last but not least, we have Keyblockor, who co-runs the administrative branch, and is the head leader of the CCA and
other factions( besides resistance ), in the server.

What gamemode are you using?
We are currently using CakeScriptG2, as a temporary gamemode. It has every bug fix in it fixed and is 100% working.
The reason I said a temporary gamemode is because we are currently working on our own gamemode, which is scheduled to be finished in 2 weeks or so, tops.

In the gamemode we are developing, their is a faction system. There is 3 main factions, Civilian, Resistance and Civil Protection. Factions are much like flags, which is what is in the current gamemode, they configure your
Loadout, Head up display, your appearance and overall, your gameplay and accessability to particular features and areas.

New Player?
Unlike a lot of servers these days, we strive to teach the new players how to roleplay properly, so they don’t misunderstand what roleplaying is, which is what happens to a lot of newbies these days.
Every new player is accounted for, and if they don’t know how to play, we will personally talk to them, add them to steam friends if neccessary, and teach them everything they need to know.

I don’t like…
Don’t like something? Want something added or changed? We listen to our player base with open ears, we want every suggestion possible that will make the server more interesting for you to play in,
you can suggest new things to be added, removed, or changed, and if it’s a good idea, chances are it’s going to get in. And if one admin doesn’t like it, it won’t be denied. We will take a vote upon the player base,
Most likely polled on the forums, and see if the suggestion gets passed through.

Shut the hell up, give me the IP so connect and play
Okay okay, sorry for the blabbering!

Server Connection:

Website URL:

Server Map: rp_c18_v1 -

Hope to see you on the server! Have a good time!

I see no information about your community or its history, nor its members. I fail to see any effort put in to this thread.

Look at the post icon.

Why would you post the thread if you aren’t done with the OP?

Good server, I hate cakescript myself but soon ours will be done.

Cheesy, the reason being for the no history is because we have started yesterday, July 11 2010, Meaning that no history can be made, For it is up to the playerbase to make it.

If some people join and we get a decent amount, Schumacher is always adding to the script, So Hazard and I can conspire into making the roleplay into something more exciting, Our goal is to provide a good roleplay experience and try to stop it from becoming stagnant.

I hope you mean that the server started yesterday, i remember going to the forums a few weeks/a month ago.
And im comin’ now!
I just hope this isnt as boring as tacoscript for all the people who are not friends with everyone on the server, and isnt citizens.

Well Elowin, I’m going to see if we can change Cakescript to Nexus to (in my eyes) Improve it overall.

Just remember to remove all those backdoor’s and whatnot right?
Also it appears all the nexus thread’s have been removed.
And now i got yet more to say…
For some reason there’s a huge ass pile of soda just lying around, pretty weird i think.
Well, you never know when you’ll need a drink, so i picked it all up.
And now i’ve also found an SMG1 and a AR2 for some reason…
Damn its getting boring just running around.

Soda and guns lying around. That’d be kinda cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

No but seriously, I’ll look into it.


I’m having a fun time managing a shop in an empty server. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool a cakescript. Too bad most of the servers using this are empty.

And what the hell is with your name?

[sp]I Bet dino cock was already taken, anyways…[/sp]
Schumacher is a great community leader, you should try out the server sometime when its finished I guess.

This sounds great! :smile:
I’m on vaccation atm, but I will make sure to join your server when I get back.
PS. I registrated on the website.

Why would you care about my name?

Because he has to look at it every time he looks at this thread, or ANY thread you post in.

That’s not too fun, is it? I mean, I love dino cock, just check out fchan, but come on.

Atleast you dont have that stupid fucking “dogs ass with shades” picture. I can’t take users seriously when they have that :downs:

BUT, I’m very very interested in this server, I’ll check it out more later tonight. Piqued my interest somehow

Could some of the experienced leaders tell us about the server computer itself, how many slots can it handle? Where is it placed? Is it a home dedicated server or hosted by a hosting company or …?

I’m interested about the server information because if you tell me what I asked you about, I can figure out which ping I can have on the server and which kind of potential your server and community has got.

Right now I can’t check out the server because I’m on vacation and can’t access steam.

Thank you in advanced.

Tried to play,

problem is, I never saw it populated.

It was never populated because the people I left in charge while I was gone managed to break it :smug:

Nice staff you have there.