http.Get fails hard

I’ve obtained a Json LUA lib and prompted to use it for my mod’s authentication engine. However, it didn’t turn out as good as I expected. When I’m trying to use http.Get for my HTTP handler, it suddently gives no content var even though I wrote everything right. Here’s the page: (first, c19, is apikey, second is uniqueid, and third is method to get config). What’s wrong?

It doesn’t do any queries at all D:

What’s the exact line you’re using?

It should be something like:
[lua]http.Get(“”, “”, callback)[/lua]

Where callback is a function: function callback(contents, size)

Exact script:

http.Get("", "", function(contents, size) PrintTable(Json.Decode(contents)) end)"

Btw, it suddenly stopped working for all my scripts

Which implementation of JSON for Lua are you using? What’s the returned size?

Thanks, I’ve written without the middle argument!