http.Get URL limited to 255 chars?

I tried passing a URL that was about 400 characters long and the content returned was empty. Is there a limit to the URL length?

Wouldn’t surprise me, user messages can only be 256 bytes and if im not mistaken (I very well could be) each character is a byte. So, 256 characters means 256 bytes.

Try a shorter one and see what happens.

No I don’t think there is a limit to url length, but for an HTML panel it is limited to the max length of a URL in internet explorer.

You also can’t open urls that have the strings “.dll”, “.exe”, “.bat”, and a few others, ANYWHERE in the string. So wouldn’t open.

You should test it by chopping off like 10 chars at a time until it works, then going back up one char at a time until you figure out the max length, if there is one.

Yes, a char = a byte most of the time, but I don’t think http.Get uses usermessages.

A character in ASCII is two bytes. http.Get doesn’t use usermmessages. You can always escape the URL with charcodes and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Why not use a redirect service? Darkspider.