- A Reformed Community

Role Nation is a new community built upon roleplay - it’s serious RP. They have three servers, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP, a Real Life RP and a Zombie Apocalypse RP.

It uses a completely new script, not like CakeScript or TacoScript. It was made from scratch by one of the best coders for GMod.

Rolenation is the best serious RP community out there. If you are into serious RP I highly recommend for you to sign up on the forums and try it out.

Cool, nice site.

I don’t see how the community was reformed. Has a lot of the same people.

Incredibly talented Lua coder, Amazing script, Amazing roleplay. Shit community, Shit administration. Enough said.

I feel hate in that post.

it’s an amazing code, and hl2rp did what no other script, not even Darkalionio’s TacoScript could do, and that was automated ration distribution through the use of a machine.
I agree that the community’s rep has been tarnished by raging administrators and seriously restricted cannon rp (following a set storyline basically) but that has changed since the whole community has adopted a slightly modified KuroScriptHL2RP script that works just aswell, but gives the player a huge amount of freedom. Basically you can do anything as long as it could happen IRL and there is no attempt at attacking the server.
Also, this community in question actually allows the player base to change the storyline when PandemicRP comes in to question. I mean, London ingame just got nuked because the British and American army could not control the infection and now the rp takes place in a desecrated Luton.
Many hours of fun and uncannon roleplay await the serious roleplayer who wishes to take part in this fantastic community.
If I’ve convinced you and changed your opinion to what other FP users are posting then here’s some resources:
For more information about the servers:
The steam group:
Server IP addresses:
City RP:
Pandemic RP:

All these servers are hosted by Deus Ex Machina. Variations of the script can be found running on PaxMortuus’s server (ResEvil) or the outdated Lite RP script named CiderRP. These are all gamemodes which have been developed by the community’s owner Kuromeku and are run by communities which are not actually part of Role Nation (kuromeku’s reformed group).
We’re not all assholes incase you were wondering :P.

This was written by Davidster who you can find on steam under the name //RN// I Eat Chich.

Nah, Kuro is alright i suppose… But he has bad people skills.

You’re wrong, kuro is a fucking genius and is epic.

Well said, Matais.

TnB will always be best.

Role Nation is a thousand times better.

TnB has has the better script.

It will have an even better script when TS2 comes out.

TnB is the only good serious roleplaying community left.

HHAHHA, I saw a 16 year old make that on his server

Isn’t this just the new name for Conna’s community?

I’m not really a fan of his “roleplaying” scripts. I find them to be to limiting in terms of roleplaying. See, the only functions a gamemode script should serve is handling player data and provide a basic framework for the atmosphere of the RP server. Nothing more.

Unfortunately Conna’s scripts throw that concept out the window. There’s a command for everything where there doesn’t need to be (there’s even a chat command to lie down, where a simple “+duck” used to suffice, and a command to lean against a wall). Things like this cause the script to take over roleplaying for the player, which isn’t as fun as the player actually having control.

Then there’s the elitism and admin shit. I once joined one of Conna’s server and got very bored very fast. It was a Fallout themed RP server, but there wasn’t much to do. I walked around the post-apocalyptic hellscape for a few hours, and found a bunch of admins having fun with guns and custom classes - something normal players can’t do.

Admins get the fullest role-playing experience GMod and the script can offer, but plain old community members get a more limited and restrictive version of roleplaying. Predefined player classes with predefined objectives, goals, and characters. Players can’t RP what they want to RP, because that would require a new class to be added, break rules, require admins, etc.

I left the GMod Roleplaying scene around January, after Stan totally destroyed Taco ‘n’ Banana (again). Unfortunately, day after day, the state of GMod RP gets worse and worse.

I am lately seeing more STALKER and pandemicRP. People need more RP escenario, not only Real life RP or this.

Real Life RP communities either degenerate into DarkRP or die slow deaths of unlove.

InsurgencyRp - :smiley:

Hey, your a bit late on the Taco script 2 thing. Its already out for those who /really/ want it.

The sad thing is, you can’t even give the community a second chance. They’ve tried their best to re-brand it and try something new, try to change from the critism they have been given - and you still give them the same bullshit. Give the guys a break, yeah somethings may need changes - but instead of bitching at them when they’re clearly trying, why don’t you just go onto their forums and try telling them what needs changing. This admin only bullshit is fake too; the only admins I ever see in major factions here are the leaders of the faction - nobody can run a faction better than an admin because they have the power to do things like whitelists, give flags, etc. Though even that, there’s a couple people who aren’t even admins and run factions on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP. Just saying guys, give 'em a break.

Then you have this Doug dude, giving the same old lecture about how they have a command for everything, so fucking what. It gives players the choice to use some commands which add to the atmosphere; if a character is walking down the road, how is he supposed to know some guy is leaning against the wall - when he’s 50 metres away? What better than a /lean animation? Even though they have these animations and commands, the players still use /me actions for them - simply to describe the way they are leaning for the other characters close to them at the time, the actual lean animation is just to add to the atmosphere and to let far away characters know you’re leaning. If you don’t find it ‘fun’ to use these commands, or you think it’s ‘the script taking over roleplaying for you’, then do not use the commands, pretty simple, eh?

Sorry Doug, but we aren’t living in the 90s anymore, we don’t need to use text for everything. We live in an age where graphical representation is key - and the majority of new players, who aren’t used to old-school roleplay - prefer actions over words. Don’t get me wrong, I use /me’s the size of elephants for almost everything I do in roleplay, I’m sure I love the ideal concept of roleplay the same as you - but we simply don’t live in that time anymore. Experienced roleplayers can use /me’s, where as the new players can perform visually. It’s pretty easy to understand, then the experienced roleplayers will teach the new players how to roleplay properly. All you’re doing is trying to pick faults in a community that could very well work - if you gave them a chance and helped them, instead of kicking back doing nothing and simply being part of a community ran by somebody else. So until you get up and run your own community, give the guys a break. They re-branded the entire community based on the critism they have received here, and I think they’ve done a fucking good job.

Amen, and dumb ratings just show your arrogance and stubbornness.