- Serious roleplay community.

**“Most likely to be a good community ran by a koolkatz person” - Lappy, Leader of Next-Gen community.

“Fun, exciting and brilliant” - Blocked, schuScript donator.

“Gives me a boner every time I get on the server.” - Mr. Pervert, Division leader on Havoc-Gamers.

“Fun, serious and well thought out” - Acaina, UNION commander on TnB**

** **

[release]Well the first thing you are going to think is “Look another community by SchuSchu.”
This time is actually different. The role-playing is actually good and genuine with a well thought out storyline. The community’s player base is usually 10-20 people on the server and we are always having fun and enjoying are time with the exciting events and sparking action that you can find if you look in the right place. This time we actually thought things out and took the time of actually doing something correctly ( for once ) that is best for the player base and role-play experience you find on our servers! [/release]

[release] ** The Community **

The community is a great place full of good, nice and enjoyable people to be around. The servers are a rich environment you can always find something new and cool on each one. The administration team is great with ‘all hands on deck’ support and they are always friendly. If you ever need help our admins are always on stand by and will most likely solve your problem.

Now to the main deal.

Well, what you’re probably wondering is ‘what the fuck is the community about’. In short answer, It’s about role-playing. We have 2 servers and each one will be used for some sort of serious roleplay. Lets start off with the main role-play server called ‘Horrific’. The reason for the name is It can get kind of freaky on the map and environment we provide for the game play and some people even say at times it can ‘Feel like you’re in a horror film’.

The storyline for it is pretty original and well thought out and is always coming up with new surprises that give you a good old jaw dropping expression on your face in either ‘What the fuck? That’s wicked.’ or ‘That’s cool! I want to look into that!’. The point of the storyline we developed is that it gives players freedom to decide what you want to do and how you want to do it. There’s vampires, Cannibals, Ghosts and shape shifters which can sometimes scare the shit out of you. There’s nothing better than walking down a road and having a cannibal with his group come along and rob you! Or worse. The servers gamemode runs on a fixed & edited version of tacoscript2 with tons of interesting and cool things inside!

Here’s a small list of features you might find interesting.

** Features **


  • Clothing (wear and store items in your current clothing set!)

  • Containers ( You can store items in cabinets/crates etc!)

  • Zip ties/Rope (Tie people up!)

  • Bleeding (If you get shot in a critical area you will start to bleed out!)

  • Hit groups ( If you get shot in the leg you will limp and move slower, in the arm you drop your weapon etc.)

  • Animations (You can sit on the ground, on couches, benches, walls. You can lean, kick down doors, push people and more! All with see-able/Real animations!)

  • Knockout (You can punch people out cold, club them, hit them with a blackjack you name it!)

  • A large variety of weapons with different features

  • Attributes ( Gain in strength, endurance, speed, accuracy. Stats.)

  • Whitelisting/Vocation system ( You can get custom whitelists and access keys to different things )

  • Achievments (In-game achievements)

  • Custom admin mod called ‘CITRUX’ by me (SchuSchu) server also uses Citrus by Conna/Kuro


I’d go more in depth but there is just too many more to list. The horrific server requires a few content files to play, including the map and other required things.

Here’s the link to them:


** The second server will be running sandbox RP once I take the time to put it up. **

Now I’m just going to include a bunch of information you might want to know


‘Horrific’ Server IP:

** Moderation Roster **

Community developer/coder/owner - SchuSchu

Community head of admin relations/owner - Mr. Awesome Face

Community Head in-game moderator - Ichigo

Community server hoster:


Well I think enough as been said. Any questions you can ask on our website ( or on this very thread!

Thanks everyone! Come check us out! Server is mostly populated on the weekends by the way.

I love this server and i did actually say that :smiley:

Good to hear.

Its all true. Great community, Great staff (Including myself) And a great script.
Once again. Drop by at and check it out if you have not already. Although we still need to add things to the forum its looking good.
Good day.

Thank deadeye for setting everything up, all I did was organize the forums/cats.

Ahh, it’s no problem at all :v: I do have confidence in this community, wish you guys the best of luck!

Thank ya.


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Isn’t this just TacoScript2?

Not at all very modified and is alot different and isn’t hl2rp