Welcome to Urust server! We believe in fair game play. Our server has a no tolerance for any hacks or cheats. Anyone caught will be removed on sight.

Steam group:

Economy- Earn Money, Buy Resources, Sell Loot
Bounty- Put a price on your enemy’s head! Hunt down players for profit!
Groups- Allows users to make their groups and have their own group chats
Stats- Provide kill / death count stats and ranking
Door sharing- Share your doors with your friends while keeping them safe from enemies! /share /unshare
FixYourName plugin- Kicks users with special characters in their name and people with colored names (Fix for hackers not being able to be banned)
Starter items- Allows new players to use /kit to get cooked chicken breast/sleeping bag. (limit to 1 time only!)
Teleport request- Allows new players to use /tprequest and /tpaccept to teleport to other players (limit to 2 times only!)
Commands- /help for a list of all the commands

Slots: 100 (Will add more if needed)
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: 50%
Time Scale: Standard

You can connect using the console. Start the game and press F1 net.connect

Great server! No admin abusing what so ever, great little group in here. Would love to see more faces though! Come on and join us. I promise I won’t fire a arrow at you :wink:

Pretty nice so far. There isn’t any lag and it’s easier to start up because of halftime crafting and guns are harder to obtain which is a double edged sword

Really good server love the starter kits and the way no one has guns. Great idea!:dance:

Added in the teleport request command.

I believe i might like this server just need more people to join

Hey all brand new to the game. I was hesitant to buy with all the comments on cheating etc. Just downloading now and will be joining your community.

see you in there


this server has restarted FIVE TIMES in a row. can’t actually play the game…

I was testing out a new plugin for the server. The server will not be restarted anymore.

Awesome fun server, really needed one that wasn’t admin abuse up the butt

how many players are required for an air drop? there haven’t been any so far

I prefer it to be like 30+ on the server for Airdrop, just so people dont farm them over night when theres only 15 people or so on. I think it should always be about 10+ people more then the average pop for the server so they only spawn on peak hours of the day, opposed to do all day long.

Also, whats up with server? Just had massive lag wave for 15mins, then DC?

server still down? what’s going on?

The server is now back online! There is now a /history command to view past chats.

Anyone looking for a more hardcore rust experience this is it, seriously probably the best server youll find for it. Even the little things make a huge difference, like zombies not dropping ammo for example. Normally youd go farm for 20-30mins starting off with 20 bullets, then by the time youre done, youve got a full stack, ammo was just silly. However on this server, every bullet that gets fired, is one that you made (assuming you didnt get it from an airdrop). It just makes everything have more value / more consequence when you die and lose it.

Cant recommend this server enough, just need to get some more people on here!

i’ve gotta recommend this server too. the lack of military weapons makes it a much more fun experience. revolvers and pipe shotguns all the way baby!

Thanks for adding in guns and bounty! It makes the game more fun :slight_smile: