is it a good host?

I need a good webhost with remote MySQL and unlimited DB’s. A small fee with a free domain is also good. Any ideas? Is this a good host?!

I doubt you need “unlimited” databases. Give or a look if you’re in the US.

The way I check any host before I order with them is by typing things like “host name sucks” into google. You’ll soon get a rough idea.

Dont use just host. I asked for a refund from their server 3 months ago.
and then again 2 weeks after that, essentially, every week id call back.

Still haven’t got it from them. I had to go to the credit card company to get it back. Maybe a good site, But their support for anything is incredibley bad. I was almost out 120 bucks. is great. unlimited anything basically.

I hear is good. Free domains are only available if you ask for one though. But if you are just using it for databases you can get a free subdomain.

Not you again.

I use, their service is very quick and they are very helpful.

The promo-code HOSTILE1 will get you an extra free domain name for the life of the account. This is additional to the free domain name you get with the hosting.

Ugh one of those hosts that do unlimited everything… Nothing is unlimited and every host that I have seen doing unlimited HDD space has limits on what you can put on the site from what I have seen so far.

I got mine before the unlimited policy so I’m allowed to do anything with mine, but yes you’re right about the unlimited policy - It only allows you to host your own stuff. (I.e. You’re not allowed to give out hosting to other people if you’re on the unlimited policy.)

All hosts offering unlimited policies do this, some will hide it and some will tell you up front. It makes sense really as one single unlimited account holder could host the rest of the world’s web sites and files for free, effectively destroying all hosting companies, which obviously isn’t going to happen. The idea is that the hosting package will never limit you from hosting what you need.

It’s unreasonable to think that they would allow that.