Hu-Hu-Huge FPS Drop while using Fraps

I am trying to make some movie using fraps and hl2:ep2 but somehow fraps make me drop from 153fps to 1-4… Any ideas ? Maybe some better free software that won’t leave watermark on my videos or crappy quality ?

Please… no Gamecam, my windows hates it, every time I install it I get BSoD’d

I use the settings in these settings, easy to record with.

Use source recorder, it’ll take a little bit more time to render out and stuff but there’s no fps drop and flawless quality.


And if you dont want to use that, WeGame is quite good.

I used source recorder, it recorded well in-game but when i went to edit it it was all fucked up and it saved 3000+ TGA files in my garrysmod/garrysmod directory.

You can always record with source recorder then replay the demo and record over the demo with Fraps? I do it sometimes. You can also slow mo stuff while recording over with fraps by using the little slider thing in source recorder player thingy it’s actually pretty cool, try that?

You realize that that is what it’s supposed to do? You take something like VirtualDub and you sequence all those TGA files into the video. The TGA’s are image files for each individual frame. It didn’t fuck up. There is an option to save to AVI, but it doesn’t work well or all the time.

Also Fraps makes everyones FPS drop dramatically so just do what i said before and you should be good.

Dont use fraps, source recorder doesnt lag

Indeed. flexibility + quality.

D: I dont have an FPS drop of more than 10 when using fraps WTF

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