Hu?! Looks like I forget something Honey...

Welcome to city 17.

Before I entered the thread I was all like :geno:
This made me lol.

I like how it’s at the same point in the game where he’s talking about “the urge to reproduce”.

“The suppression field is for humanity’s good.”

Exactly what i thought when I was building this scene! :smiley:

Hope those kids are not watching.

That’s a blowup doll isn’t it?
Or a corpse.

Thats Faith O:

Mirrors Fuck the new Left 4 Head.

Of course it’s Faith!

where did you find the model ?

Nude Faith? Maybe on facepunch or

oh thank you(i don’t want it i’m asking cuz in most cases i can’t find the model i find in a picture)

Lol, nice idea.

It would have been funnier with Mossman.

“The suppression field is for humanity’s good”