HUD and interface isn't working properly

For whatever reason, my HUD and interface stopped working properly today, presumably after some add-on was installed. For starters, whenever I start a game of my own, a screen pops up like the one’s before a Counter-strike that give info on the rules of the server and/or informing you of the clan that runs it. This screen tells me that I’m in a CSS server (A friend of mine also has this problem, and his says he’s in TF2), when I’m clearly not. It even acts as though i’m in one by randomly popping up messages on screen like, “You are currently playing Garry’s mod, Enjoy your stay!”. Secondly, I had downloaded a zombie survival pack a friend recommended me, and it would change my HUD to the one from F.E.A.R when I was in one of the maps from the pack. Now, my HUD is permanently changed to this, no matter which map I start, and to add insult to injury, it doesn’t read the ammo count correctly. Furthermore, when joining an online server, help, info and interaction screens (the ones on f1, f2, etc.) also don’t work properly. The backgrounds are always blank, the layout items are sometimes on top of each other, and text-boxes are also invisible and not working, making some servers impossible to play.

Now, i’m new to Garry’s mod, so I was just beginning to get into downloadable add-ons. My friend recommended me several today, and I’m assuming that one of them is what caused this, as this was not a problem before today. I’m have reason to believe the add-on in particular was the “Gmod Beginners pack,” though if one of you knows this isn’t correct, I can list all of the add-on’s I downloaded today if needed to. Any help on this particular situation would be greatly appreciated, as both myself and a friend are experiencing this issue, and it is getting particularly frustrating.

The “Enjoy your stay” problem is most likely caused by ASSMod, an admin mod. Delete that.

To get rid of the F.E.A.R. HUD, delete:


If that doesn’t work, then look for and delete these files/folders:

garrysmod/materials/FEAR (Delete the folder)

I got rid of the FEAR HUD, but I couldn’t find any ASSMod

I DID however find that thhere was something called ulx that was causing it, and the folder for it was in the Garrys mod beginner pack. Should I just delete the folder or some of it’s contents?

You Shouldnt Need ULX unless you run a server so Yes.

I think i’ve got it working, thanks for the help