HUD and UI issues

Hello, GMod community. =) I’d like to start by saying that, first of all, I am not really new to Garry’s Mod. I’ve been playin around with it for a while.
Second, I know how people are about the search function lol I’ve used the search function, and nothing was found, so I’ve used the handy little New Thread button.

Now on to my problem! =D
I recently got the latest GMod via Steam. It loads fine, but, however, I have… minor GUI problems at the main menu, loading screen, and in-game. The HUD is completely non-existent. =P
Before you continue reading, I’d like to mention that although my system looks like Windows Vista, it is merely Windows XP.
Here’s a screenshot of the main menu.

Now let me explain what happens when I load up a map…
I click “Play Single Player,” select GM_Flatgrass, and GMod starts loading the map. However, instead of there being a white background that says GMod, it’s white with black boxes where the menu items were and a black box where the map select box was. The map then loads and I spawn, all is well, except I have no HUD. lol However, if I press one of the buttons to change my weapon (1-6), the hud appears. Then if I press escape to open the menu, it cuts out the HUD again! Below is a picture of it.

I hope that someone can help me solve my issues.
But before you offer any advice, suggestions, whatever you may call it, I shall also inform that I have the latest DirectX installed. Also, if needed, I can post my system specs. If you need/want to know in order to help, please tell me so.
~Thanks in advance. =)

I have the same exact problem as you. And i too i have been searching for hours to find a solution.

Bump. Can someone help?

have you tryed turning it off and on again?
specs please.

I have tried to turn it on and off multiple times.
Pretty cheap computer but its worked before.

Pretty much a cheap stock computer.

Intel Pentium 4 2.6Ghz
2Gb DDR Ram
Windows XP

Try verifying the game cache. Open up Steam, right click on GMod > Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game cache.