HUD Animation

So im looking for something similar to this:

Health = math.min(100, (Health == localplayer:Health() and Health) or Lerp(0.1, Health, localplayer:Health()))
	local DrawHealth = math.Min(Health / GAMEMODE.Config.startinghealth, 1)

In which that ^^^ Makes a RoundedBox or poly or whatever, out of 100% it adjusts it to the amount of health you have.

But wait, Helplesskitty, you imbecile, what are you after?

What i am looking for is a way, in the HUD i am creating, for when the player stops moving(got this part already done) their “Extra” HUD components(done), will “slide”/Transition into view form their “Base”(Done).

I have tried using a few things, and looked at Utimes clientside code to see how it is done etc. But to no luck.

So any help would be appreciated.

SOLVED, i fiddled with it for a bit.

Update: Got the transition working, this is for DarkRP and in cl_HudReplacement, and i am wondering how to call this transition on a certain event/condition(standing still(done)), as of now it only displays on lua refresh or server join.