Hud/chat box not working

My hud and my chat box does how up for me when I’m in game it only works when I’m in a single player sandbox. I’ve un-installed and re-installed like 3 time. I’ve unsub from all my addons and only sub to the Addons to the server I play on. I did the cashe thing 20 times no thing in working for me. Plz help me

What server are you trying to join? It could be a server-side issue. Also, could you send a list of the addons that you are subbing to on that server that you play on?

and all star wars addons

:confused: :(:frowning:

Have you tried joining other servers to see if the error is present? Also, try unsubscribing to every addon and deleting them from your Garrys Mod folder in:
Program Files>Steam>SteamApps>Common>GarrysMod>garrysmod
Then, if the problem still persists, delete the cache folder, as well as the downloads folder.