HUD coding?

How do i make a picture of the DarkRP job on my HUD?

  • I want a picture of the job i am on a rounded box, now how do i do that? (already drawed the rounded box)

I don’t work with any DarkRP code, but here is an idea. Find a previously existing spot in the game that displays your job, figure out which file displays that menu/HUD code. Dig through that file, figure out which variable they use too output the job or job image. Use that same variable in your HUD.

draw.SimpleText(LocalPlayer().DarkRPVars.job,"TargetID", 25 + 30,ScrH() - 105, Color(255,255,255), TEXT_ALIGN_LEFT, TEXT_ALIGN_TOP)

Draws simple text displaying the job name. “DarkRPVars.job”

Check this out for player model:

Like the guy above me said, look around on existing code and see how it’s made.