Hud creator

I need one Hud Creator.

Why do we understand it? Because we know how it works.

How did we come to understand it? From experience with coding in general, from looking at other people’s scripts, by reading documentation on the Lua official site and the garrysmod wiki.

And that’s not really a question about creating an HUD.

If you really want help around here we’ll be happy to assist you as long as you can ask your questions clearly and can spell properly.

I need help for my Score hud in my soccer gamemode.


Well he is making a soccer gamemode.
do you know what a score is
eg if AUS-1 and brasil - 0
he wants it to say up the top AUS[1]-Brasil[0]
like that.

Yes bradmcco.

Elaborate more. What do you need help with? If you just want someone to make one for you, go somewhere else. If you want a push in the right direction, we’ll need to know what parts you don’t understand.

He wants Swing for Gmod.

Not gonna find it here.

Well is there any tuts i can use to learn hudding?