HUD Disappearing

Every time I tab out or press esc to go to the main menu while in-game on Gmod, the HUD disappears.
I’ve tried disabling all of my add-ons but that hasn’t fixed anything.
Can anyone help here?

This happens to me when I alt-tab, but pressing esc twice makes the HUD reappear.

I’m going to say that this has started happening to me now occasionally.
At first I just thought it was my coding or something but after reading this…

I’ve actually had this go on with me as well. I thought it was my personal scripts, so I uninstalled them all and tried on a completely vanilla server and noticed it was occurring at random intervals. Also, the other night, timers I had stopped working all together, for no reason with no code change. I even had a friend try and his timer didn’t work either. I thought maybe fp released a minor update, but I went to the update blog and nothing, and I haven’t tried timers since (3 days ago), so I don’t know.

I’ve had a similar thing happen to me and a few of my friends. Just to know we’re experiencing the same thing, whenever this happened and you press Y, did your aim go upwards as well?

Several of my friends have been getting this (and I’ve had it twice) some of the causes Ive noticed are:
Alt tabbing, but if you need to alt tab press esc first and it might not happen, if it does you can just alt tab again and it should fix itself.
Pressing y for chat (seems to be less common but I’ve only heard of this one from a third party on /r/gmod)

I had this many times, and pressing esc twice fixes it.
But there is also another one where pressing the chat button just move your AIM and esc have no effect. And there is no other way to fix that than alt-tabing and closing gmod then opening it back.
I got both of these a short time after the december update.