HUD disappears when Garry's Mod window is minimized.

Basically what happens is that when I esc and put my mouse out of the Gmod window (I have it in windowed mode) and minimize it, I come back to have the HUD disappeared, and the inability to use ~ or the Esc menu, so I can’t use cl_drawhud. I can’t see the weapon display thingies when you press the numbers on your keyboard. I’ve searched every corner of the internet and only one other person has had this problem, and they haven’t been answered yet. Here’s a picture of the problem.

Help would be appreciated!

Yeah I remember the other post about it, are you still able to move and interact with the world? I used to have this problem back with my other computer. Not really sure how to fix it. If you can’t move, it’s most likely a video driver recovery failure, my old card used to do something like this in every game, where it could never tab back into games without me having to reboot them. Is this only with Gmod13?

Have the same problem. If I click Resume it does it but if I hit escape again nothing glitches.

What? Your HUD and everything comes back when you hit esc?

I can still interact and move stuff, just no HUD with it. Like I can use pistols, psyguns, and other stuff. But no hud, no esc menu.

If I go to the menu in-game and then click “Resume”, actually clicking it, it disappears.

If I go to the menu then back to the game just by hitting esc twice, everything’s normal.

Yeah but my problem is that I can’t even open up that in game menu for some apparent reason.

Just happened to me. I didn’t even minimize it, just alt-tabbed.

It seems to be happening with alt tabbing too. For some reason I can open esc menu and then close it to fix the hud on zombie survival, but any other gamemode won’t let me do it.

I get this too this is incredibly irritating

You can also get it by changing video settings in-game.

From how many people that have this issue, I’m assuming it’s part of an update that broke it. Hopefully Garry will fix it in a later update.

Same problem here, I’ve tried fixing it by switching from fullscreen to windowed. A couple of times it worked where after A LOT of switching, the hud reappears, but honestly it needs to be fixed.

This also happens to me, I play in windowed

This bug is really frustrating. BTW, if you’re playing gmod on HP Pavilion Dv5 you can try this:
When HUD disappears, move finger across multimedia touch keys. Eventually, HUD will reappear. The workaround works at least for me.

There’s no winning with this bug- even disconnecting via a bind makes the screen black instead of taking you to a menu.

This thread must not die.

I don’t understand what defines whether or not you can open the esc menu. Sometimes I can open it, and resume to fix it, other times I can’t open it at all.

I found binding a key to retry helps, disconnecting via a bind just makes the screen black.

I get this issue too, really pissing me off.