HUD feedback

Hey guys. This is my first HUD i made. Do you like it? You want to see anything changed? Remeber this is the HUD before i got any feedback.

The text in the health and armor is barely readable, it would be better if the background had a texture as well instead of being transparent.

The text needs to be more bright. Other than that, good job.

You should probably draw the text above the progress bar also. As in render it after the progress bar.

Yeah i know about the text. Im trying to find a way to make it more visble

Text got much more visble and armor and HP bar got more alpha. Any suggestions? Im going to work on a ammo bar. Im thinking about make it at right side of screen or should i make it like in TTT so it is at the other bars.

Post a screen of the updates

Im gonna do Tomorrow. Its soon 23 here so im going to bed.

Here it is :

You should add some more weight to that font.

How will weight affect a font?

Weight is like bold.
I think 700 is the max when you actually see a difference.

Did you add the text first, then the health/armor bars? That means that the text is drawn behind the bars, and not in front of them. Try moving the text below the bars.

Very Nice Work!
One suggestion I would make is when it says
Health : 100 and Armor : 100
I would remove the “:”

Yeah Actually just waste of space with a :

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I did at start. Did follow 2 tutorials. First one was text but many said render bars first so i did :slight_smile:

Nice, I like the simplicity of it. I just got into lua and checking out different designs and what not.

Good Job!

The bottom line for the box needs to be moved up a bit unless it’s meant to be that way.

First saw now thanks. Im currently working on functions for my gamemode :slight_smile: so i am not looking much at the HUD

Bit late but been finish with this in long time. Here it is. Gonna try to make a 3D HUD then i have time to it