HUD feedback

Looks shitty, like most of your “releases”;

Good effort I guess but very amateur looking. The donator benefits window seems like a terrible idea, I’d leave immediately if that was stuck on my screen.

If you want some advice:

Try working with fewer elements and making them look as good as possible. Stick with just the health/armor box and make that look good, adjust the border size, text size, transparency of the box, get all that as perfect as possible before you move on.

I have a feeling you just started Lua. Please spend more time honing your craft before you post your work on Facepunch.

Added a scoreboard to fit the hud.

Snorlax requested a mockup of a scorestreak shop’

Now that’s a nice hud!

I’m not a HUD expert, but I’ll give some feedback. The ‘blue’ text is almost unreadable and everything else appears rather basic. If this is one of the first HUDs you’ve done yourself, then it looks like pretty decent.

Little big, but stylish as hell. Very nice work!

A little big, but nice work, some scaling down would make it a little less screen hogging!

Wow i released 1 thing i Even removed link from. Posting a other guys HUD is my shitty HUD. Nice HUD i love your mockups

The HUD posted above seems like it would be rather difficult to create for a beginner, that having been said it would definitely be a very nice HUD design.

I prefer this. Also made by Christmasham I would say less bulky:

Very purdy, is that public?

It’s only something I made in photoshop, not a working hud, sorry :frowning:

Aww. Looks nice tho

Shame, rather pretty.

Not really good with vectoring images like that to scale hp on a nice radial type thing :frowning: