Hud Fix For Integrated Graphics cards?

I have an integrated graphics card so i cannot launch Google chrome with graphics adapter so my HUD is missing on rust i was just wondering will there be a fix?

Update your drivers, or use a better graphics card, i.e nvidia or amd.

Drivers are updated and cant change graphics card you know because its integrated xD

people who use integrated usually are on laptops so 98 percent of the time they can’t upgrade.
Intel’s HD graphics is rarely updated anyways. Maybe you should try Firefox, Chrome has a bunch of issues with embedded games.

I have an amd card integrated on i Imac 2011 Model that i bootcamped so i could run windows the game runs fine on the osx side but its laggy as fuck anyway i selling my iMac and buying a gaming pc in the next few Days

I watch the PlayRustWiki stream frequently and one of their streamers said they had better results by using Internet Explorer.

Older IGP’s will have problems while I doubt AMD’s APU’s will encounter any problems…

Does anyone have an AMD build with an AMD APU? An old 1st gen APU Liano or newer?

I know that A10 6800k performs 10% better in multi threaded and has a GPU on the level of Radeon HD 6670 so I wonder how it would ran well Rust. I hope Rust can use all 4 cores, I saw a video of a guy playing Mirror Edge at 1080pMaxedOut45fps!

Unity is incredibly un-optimized, and even some basic games require high-spec computers to play. It’s just a case of getting a better computer but updating your drivers can still help.

So basically Unity is a crap engine… Then why Garry is using it?

Can’t he wait for Source 2 engine? :stuck_out_tongue:

dont use integrated graphics
full stop

He’s was using simply as an experiment in a few previous ‘What you are working on’ in the programming section - one of his test projects must have materialized into Rust and since most of the development has already been done - why switch?

Stop trying to platy games on an integrated graphics card. Unity isn’t a crap engine but it’s new. Rust isn’t a browser game and you should treat it like trying to run any other game.

Actually, Unity is pretty crap and not new at all.

In terms of game engines it’s new.

Unity is 8 years old.

Wow… Then the guys that created it have no excuse for terrible net code and other things…

Just wow… O.O