HUD Font problem (DarkRP custom HUD)

Evening everyone. I have a question concerning including custom fonts along with a custom HUD. The cl_init.lua file declares 2 fonts with the surface.CreateFont function, and the hud.lua file uses those fonts accordingly. I went in and created a third font (one that I downloaded and put into resources\fonts), and then used surface.SetFont in the hud.lua file. This did not work, so I pointed the existing surface.CreateFont files at the custom font I was attempting to use. This did nothing. In fact, the HUD kept on using the font I had deleted from the function declaration even though I had declared it to use a different font. I then pointed it at the akbar font which is included in stock gmod. Akbar worked. Is there some type of font directory buried somewhere in gmod that I don’t know about? Or is there some deep, terribly written kluge somewhere in DarkRP that is forcing the default fonts? Thanks.