Hud Fonts Not showing up

So Apparently People Cant see the font In the hud I made, How do I fix it where everyone sees the font ?

Your post is a bit vague, do you have any extra info you can give?

Have you used surface.CreateFont, is the font fastdl’d, etc

How do you fastdl fonts?

If you’ve used FastDL before then it’s just the same as everything else - put it on your server, place it on your web host and resource.AddFile it

A link to a guide please?

But what do i call the folder in the fastdl for custom fonts?

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MY Question

What is the Folder in fastdl called for fonts

Where do I put the resource.add file at?

If thats where the font is… You need to say more info.

then lua/autorun/fonts.lua

if (SERVER) then
	resource.AddFile( "resource/fonts/font.ttf" )
	AddCSLuaFile( "fonts.lua" )

I think thats what your asking… You need to explain your self a little better. What are you asking?