HUD Help

Hello, I’ve started to get into Lua coding and I saw this video on how to make a HUD, It seemed legit so I gave it a try but the default Gmod HUD (The yellow health and armor in the bottom left) is still there and Idk why ?

Here is my code :

Please help me fix it

P.S I know it says “HOP” in the Variable but “HP” where the math.Clamp is, I’ve already fixed that.

[lua]function HUDHide(myhud)
for k, v in pairs{“CHudHealth”, “CHudBattery”} do
if myhud == v then return false end

for the hide hud function you forgot to put myhud you put name instead for some reason :v:

Oh did I really? Thank you it works now :smiley: I think it’s because I saw the guy on the youtube video put “name”, anyway, I must be blind but thanks :smiley: