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Okay so i have two rounded boxes and was wandering if there is a was to make one ignore the other one? What i’m doing is putting on on top of the other and the top one has a alpha of 100, i don’t want to be able to see the bottom one through the top one.

Hope that made sense.

… what? You have 2 boxes, but you only want to see one? How about deleting the other one, then? I dont get what you’re asking for here… at all…

I did not follow that one bit. Here is what I got out of it.

He wants 2 boxes, but then he only wants one. Then he later states he wants the top one to have an alpha of 100, so it is slightly transparent but he doesn’t want to see the box that is below it?

So overall it seems like the bottom box is completely pointless?

If you didn’t want to see the top one through the bottom one just set the transparency to 255?

Okay sorry for not explaining very well. The top one is smaller so i want to see the background through the smaller one but through the larger one (bottom). Somewhat like a window?

That still doesn’t make sense. But I think you mean: The larger one has a hole in it which the smaller one fills. ?

Yes thank you, couldn’t find the right words xD.

Well, you could draw a rectangle outline, although it wouldn’t be rounded… Otherwise I have no idea. I myself am pretty new to Lua.


Looking for this?

The best idea I can come up with is making the outer on rounded and the inner one not. If you want to do that then you can use this: and essentially make 4 boxes for the outer box. I made an awesome picture to illustrated it.

So the left and right box will use the method I posted above and you would just select 2 of the corners to be rounded. Then the top and bottom would be a normal box. I would only use this technique if you plan to hide one of the boxes for some reason.

If the 2 boxes will always be together and you are just trying to make an interesting design then I suggest just making yourself a texture.

Hmm okay i guess i will look into making a texture. What do i use to draw textures? Also what format? vtf?

You can draw them with any image editing program, but you have to find how to convert them into .vtf or something like that.

Ya thanks i got it already, by draw i meant draw it on your screen which im using **[Draw.TexturedQuad](** and to convert it i used VTFEdit.

I recommend getting the VTF plugin for Photoshop, I like it a lot better than VTFEdit.

Last time i tried that it put out horrible looking images but i may give it another go.