This is a half request half idea for some people. I was thinking of ideas for a HUD I am making and I thought what if there was an IDE for this? I think that that would be pretty helpful! So I Was thinking maybe someone could make one, it could have the same design as the derma IDE where you just drag and set sizes IDK what you guys think?

Now you’re just lazy.

I understand the idea with the Derma IDE, cause Derma’s are a pain in the ass to keep repositioning every single thing you want in, especially if you’re making a big DermaFrame.

HUD IDE, for what? It’s a box.

:stuck_out_tongue: I know, it also fails because then less lua is actually learned and you only know how to drag and drop :v:

… and it’s one box. If you want it, you can go straight to the Wiki and copy paste it off there, or download one of the many customizable huds on