HUD in multiplayer.

This is really bugging me.
Before Workshop was added, I could of changed my HUD with a custom one, that would stay in both multiplayer and singleplayer games.
Now when I get a custom HUD from workshop it doesn’t get used in multiplayer, even tho it’s a compleate client-side addon.
Is there anyway to force this HUD in multiplayer? Or the host must have the addon himself too?

The server must have sv_allowcslua set to one.

No, it didn’t work. :l

I believe the server would have to switch it then themselves.

They have. I asked the host, which is a friend of mine, to switch it on. It even said in the chatbox. Yet it didn’t work, the lua script for the HUD doesn’t load. It’s stupid aswell since it’s a compleate client-side thing…

I remember there being a request to Garry for auto execution, but the server host might have to execute the script himself.

AKA. Get the HUD himself too.

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I told him to get the HUD, he really likes it aswell. Tho it’s still stupid not being able to execute a simple client-side script as a HUD on a server. ._.

Disabling client side Lua (like HUDs) is a security measure, hence why it’s on by default :v: Stops most of the shit-awful “hacks”.

I get that, but even re-enabling client sided Lua didn’t get my HUD working. So what’s up with that?

Also, quick off-topic question: I’ve been messing around with Advanced Ballsockets. I noticed that the Min/Max you set on it is not relative to the props but to the world. Is there anyway I can tell on which Axises I’ve aligned my props respective to the world?

Yeah, I’m not sure why turning cs lua on isn’t working, it works fine in everything I’ve tried it on now. Very strange…