HUD is not working

when i press esc and go to my menu or go to my console the HUD disappears i dont know what to do =/
for example my health my ammo and my cross hair disappear if i enter my menu or console.
my steam overlay don’t have this problem

thanks to JGAm3r i have my problem fixed. fix it by hitting Esc twice

this seems to be a bug as i have this problem too, i usually fix it by holding TAB for a couple of seconds, or opening the steam overlay using shift + tab and closing it again, sometimes also gets fixed hitting esc, try different methods.

non of thows work

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but thx any way

This happens to me as well, although I can always fix it by hitting Esc twice. If that isn’t working for you, however, than you’re one of the unlucky few who have the more severe versions of this bug. There are a few rare but very nasty bugs and crashes that have been popping up as of late, and I’m afraid if the Esc thing doesn’t work, there’s no solution that I know of to fix this atm. Hopefully Garry fixes it in the next patch.

sweet it works thank you so much