HUD isn't being drawn for players.

Eyo, me again. I’m creating a HUD a few friends of mine can see it fine but others don’t.

This is how it shows up for them.

This is how it’s supposed to show up as it does for me and another friend. - The code

Are you adding the file to download list using AddCSLuaFile.

At the top of the file would I add

if ( SERVER ) then

AddCSLuaFile( "cl_hudreplacement.lua" )



If the file is loaded on server as well, then yes.

It didn’t seem to work. Any other ideas?

Put the file into lua/autorun/ so its loaded serverside too.

This is the whole code

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Putting it in autorun didn’t want to work either.

Have they got smaller screens or larger screens than you do? sometimes it can be due to smaller/larger resolutions that push the alignments out and it could be off the screen for them.

Edit: I looked at your code and you can see the differences in it, The background is using ScrH() but the bar for it is just placed at the position of 1000 for armour and 1042 for health.