HUD Pink and black?


I am so close to finishing a HUD I am developing.
The issue is that when I used png files, it was blurry for the majority of players so I decided to use vtf instead.
The issue being I get the path correct, it downloads with fastdl, everything but then when the textures load in game of where I draw the material, it’s pink and black squared that flicker when I move direction of my pov.

Any ideas?


Show us your vmt

When opened using VTFEdit I see this

	"$basetexture" "Users/Dan/Downloads/icons/health-ico"


  1. Don’t use lightmapped as shader
  2. Don’t link your documents as base texture

This is how a vmt file use for hud should look like

	"$basetexture"		"ggui/tdmer/armor"
	"$vertexcolor" 		1
	"$vertexalpha" 		1
	"$nolod" 			1
	"$nocull"			1
	"$alphatest" 		0

Would the $basetexture path start from materials or garrysmod root, so:

there’s no materials in my example

So using
“$basetexture” “ggui/tdmer/armor”
in my vmt would be fine?

No, because that’s not your icon material, can you do some research about how to do vmt files?

Well that’s the issue, I am new to using vmt/vtf and am used to using png but as stated in the op starter, they were blurry when I tried.

Thanks for your help anyway, you have acknowledged me of vmt a lot more than I was before.

the vmt is the same path as the vtf normally, VTFEdit(I think) was the one that automaticly creates vmts

VTFEdit create the worsts vmt files