HUD Playermodel Broken

So i have the hud known as blurview hud installed and in the hud it displays a ‘preview’ of the charector you are playing as like in the image seen below, the problem is one of my models is not showing up it is just a bobbing error although the model is correctly installed to the server any ideas on this, i don’t think it is using the stock 64x64 as it like bobs up and down but i don’t know that for sure here is a link to the hud anyways, if anyone knows how to fix this i will be very grateful as this has been bugging me all day lmao. Thanks

(User was banned for this post ("Stop using leaked scripts if you don't know how to fix them" - Reagy))

The model is an error in your client, not server, you are not telling us how are you applying the model or even which model is

Here is the model it is the ARC one

Hold a second, do you want me to enter into that folder and somewhat guess what went wrong without any code piece for information about what are you doing?

If this is not your hud (like you made it), then we cant help you

I recommend not using a leaked and discontinued HUD for one.
You wont get any help here as its not something you created and the hud its self was originally paid content.

Plus if you knew anything about HUDs, you’d know this is a rather simple fix.