HUD Playermodel Not Updating

I am working on a HUD for DarkRP (mostly to practice my skills). I am displaying the playermodel in the HUD. I’d like it to change the playermodel each time the player changes job. How can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

There’s a hook when team changes

Are you able to link me to some documentation on the hook, or provide an example? Thanks


Will that work for DarkRP? To me, it seems like DarkRP would have a custom way of creating jobs, rather than using the default method of creating teams (if that sentence made any sense)

You can test it

or just do this:

function modelPanel:Think()

      if self:GetModel() != LocalPlayer():GetModel() then
            self:SetModel( LocalPlayer():GetModel() )

dont think it’s better to use a server-side hook to change the model client-side :smiley:

That worked perfectly. Thanks Tupac.