HUD PNG Blurry?


I am developing a HUD using darkrpmodification’s modules.
I added an image via using .png and it is extremely blurry and distorted for most players, any ideas?

Thanks in advanced,

Using any special flag when you create the Material? Try add “noclamp”.

make sure its image size is power of 2

i.e 512x512, 128x64, etc

VTFEdit won’t allow you to import anything un-resized to power of 2.

You don’t need to use VTFEdit for a .png

Make sure your png is the same size or larger than what you are rendering - pngs will become blurry when you try to draw them larger than their actual size.

The other thing you can do is use:

Material( "path", "smooth mips" )

Which greatly improved the appearance of the edges in my textures, which were very jagged/fuzzy looking even with just “smooth”.