HUD Problem

Hey guys, I posted it on the small problems section, but didn’t get a comment.
I am using a custom image for an HUD, and when ever i dont hold my tool gun, the image just dissapears.
this is a video showing it:
this is the first part of the code for the image:

local mat = Material( "images/hud/hud.png" )
hook.Add("HUDPaint", "SummonsHUD", function()
	surface.DrawTexturedRect( wMod * 30, hMod * 785, wMod * 930, hMod * 290 )

In addition i’ve got a question.
I’ve got my jobs, and i want to put them in a shared lua.
Once i do that, for some reason i cant read them through the entity.
I have to put it in the shared file of the entity.
I do include the shared files, anyone have any idea why i cant use them though?

OK Fixed HUD Problem, But still got a problem with the shared function.
Once again i am trying to use a shared function, that i’ve put in a shared file and add and included it, but for some reason it doesn’t load from clientside, only from server side, anyone has any clue about it?