HUD Problems

So, lately I have been having problems with my HUD. I know this may sound silly, but my crosshair is a Q, and the little pictures of weapons when you scroll have become random numbers and letters. I reinstalled Steam, reinstalled GMOD, validated the game cache, deleted all third party texture packs, but the problem persisted. I Googled the problem, and it said I had to install the fonts. But whenever I try to install the fonts, it tells me it is not a valid font file. I have a Windows 10 computer. Any suggestions?

Try this;

“Go on Steam> Right click on Garry’s Mod > Properties > Set launch options”

I tried both, didn’t work.

Dumb Question: Do I type in -dxlevel 81 or just dxlevel81 (or likewise for the other one)?

-dxlevel81 :slight_smile:

Didn’t work.