Hud question

At the moment I am just experimenting with huds. The one thing that I see can be a problem is how can a hud fit for all resolutions because i made a very simple hud and then when I changed resolution it went retarded on me.

Adjust the widths/heights and x/y locations to work with ScrW() and ScrH().

Please explain more.

This is a serious response.

paste your hud code here, or pastebin the code and pm me.

Or like this. If you wanted to draw a rounded box, you can do this:

[lua]draw.RoundedBox( 6, ScrW() * 0.02, ScrH() * 0.90, ScrW() / 6, ScrH() / 8, Color( 255, 0, 0, 255 ) )[/lua]

That draws a red rounded box in the lower left hand corner of the screen. This is how a rounded box goes:

[lua]draw.RoundedBox( roundness, x, y, width, height, color )[/lua]

just start off like this
local x = ScrW()/100
local y = ScrH()/100

that draws a health bar type box