HUD questions *easy*

I’m trying to polish up a gamemode by making a new hud for it. I got two questions instead of rounded boxes can you clip the corners at 45 degrees and 22.5? And also when I’m making a HUD can i use something along the lines of a DIMAGE like in a derma panel? This way i could do something sophisticated for the main outline and just hud:paint the rest of it.

edit or would i just make a panel with derma and use a DIMAGE and just paint my hud over that?

Try using an image instead of a rounded box and draw directly to the hud instead of using rounded boxes.

Is this guy retarded or was i not clear in my OP? Can we please keep this thread on track seems like all my threads get DR =X

thanks in advanced for any input!!

I was saying that you can just use an image instead of the clipping of the boxes you bloody muppet, I’ve done this before and I’m absolutely new to lua and programming, maybe you need to get your fucking brain ticking.

Awnsering your question; no.
Use surface.TexturedRect for images.

Yes my brain was ticking slow I posted that right after waking up this morning I misread ur post. I apologize for calling you a retard and thanks for the help!

I got it to paint my custom .VTF onto my screen, but when it does its throwing it all out of proportion. Any takes on this?

edit derp forget it i figured it out