HUD Resolution

So basically I have made a HUD and I get ScrW/ScrH etc…

I would an example of what I’d type for a box to be placed in the top left (TO ALL RESOLUTIONS)
as I am currently resulting to things like ScrW() / 800, ScrH() / 2000
Now I am sure you shouldn’t divide it by crazy numbers like 2000, what would I put for it to be top left on ALL screens.
The box is 400x 150y

Thanks in advanced,

ScrW returns the width of the client’s screen, ScrH returns the height of the clients screen.

draw.RoundedBox’s second and third arguments indicate where the box should be drawn on the player’s screen. If you put ScrW, which is the width of the screen, it would be at the far right. If you left it as 0 it would be at the far left.

Alright, I’ll give it a go, thanks for the assistance bro :wink: