hud textures vanishing mid gameplay

so i am building a contraption and then all of a sudden my ui turns either white, or the purple&black texture. It is starting to get annoying because i have to scramble for Adv Dupe and save it out, and then restart Gmod. Also, on that note, i have a little purple&Black box in the upper right hand corner of my screen, and the console is getting mad at me saying:

--- Missing Vgui material icons/silk/16/help

spamming that constantly, any help please? Does it have something to do with me turning off hints? or what?

Verify the game files in Steam? (Right click, Properties, Local Content, Verify)

didn’t do anything, so umm, what now?

Hmm, you could try re-installing if you don’t mind backing up/ reinstalling your addons and dupes.

well, no need, i installed some addons and when i started my game, it won’t do that anymore, and my fps jumped from around 20 to 120, it was awsome, and the addons had nothing to do with it either! it was a map and lifesupprt 3, so i dunno what was going on, but it works


I have the same thing but it won’t go away.
Here’s a screenshot

its your Gpu idiot

Oh thanks that very helpful