Is this a nice DarkRP hud?


Oh ok.

Use that to hide the default hud. And The hud is not original so, I would say that I don’t like it.

local tohide = { -- This is a table where the keys are the HUD items to hide
	["CHudHealth"] = true,
	["CHudBattery"] = true,
	["CHudAmmo"] = true,
	["CHudSecondaryAmmo"] = true
local function HUDShouldDraw(name) -- This is a local function because all functions should be local unless another file needs to run it
	if (tohide[name]) then     -- If the HUD name is a key in the table
		return false;      -- Return false.
hook.Add("HUDShouldDraw", "How to: HUD Example HUD hider", HUDShouldDraw)

It looks like a hud I’d see all over PERP. Needs to be more minimalistic.

I suggest making the HUD where the health is on the side with a red bar and the bottom has your money job ect… Also make it cleaner like black boxes around the health

What did you do to the icons :o never break the 1:1 ratio with icon16 materials otherwise it looks ugly.